Work in progress (that applies to this post, and me in general!)

Overall – the big stuff

1. I run which helps South Africans navigate the very complicated world of medical aid. Choose the best plan for you! We compare all 300+ open medical aid plans in the country.

2. I am am mother to two (Micole(16) and Zac (7)), and a stepmother to another 2 (Stepson (16) and Stepdaughter(13)). I’m 45years old, live in South Africa but born in Poland.

3. My partner in crime is Craig. He is not into any of this “online presence stuff”, although he does nevertheless seem addicted to his phone and Youtube… We’ve been together for 9 years, but it feels like we have been together forever.

4. On July 11, 2018 I was diagnosed with a very rare, incurable but treatable Lymphoma, (Waldentrom). Am processing this, and blogging it in detail under this link, if you are at all interested (The info is actually intended for those in a similar position to mine, so we can compare stories and notes, or so I hope).

5. I am a bit of an opinionated geek. You can check out my LinkedIn profile, my “serious blog” at, my Twitter at @eved and my occasional writing at Daily Maverick.

The other stuff

1. I’ve been threatening to write a book for years. Hmm.

2. I don’t cook. But now that I have good reason to get all healthy-lifestylish, I will probably start. I eat out a lot. Expect photos.

These two!

3. This is meant to be a lifestyle blog, which is kind of funny because I am really a big introvert. Well, an extrovert-introvert. Yes, that’s a thing. But I do love life! And I need some more frivolity in it, so maybe this will spur me on?

4. I have prosopagnosia (I still need to look up the spelling when I write it). It’s that weird condition where one (me) doesn’t recognise faces. Seriously, it’s not fun, but it can be funny.

Things I love

1. I love to bead in my spare time. (Note: I have no spare time. I did this necklace while watching the Fifa World Cup)

Hobby time

Coming soon!

Things that annoy the crap out of me

Coming soon!