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A gentle collection of things that make me laugh :-)

Elsewhere: Let’s LOL (May 2020-)

Sometimes (often?) all we need is a really good laugh. And for those times when we need much more than that, a good laugh will nevertheless help somewhat. This is my collection of funny stuff that I find online. I update and add regularly, so check back. But a disclaimer: it’s my sense of humour, and I won’t apologise for it 🙂 Sharktank, but with your girlfriend The kids and I are huge fans of Sharktank (and one of my

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When you need a laugh, part 1

Random stuff I find online that makes me laugh. Might work for you, might not. #YMMV 1. Michael, the magician Most things that “make me laugh” actually just make me chuckle. It is very rare for me to actually laugh out loud when I am on my own, but this guy had me almost rolling on the floor. Similar to the Spider guy, which I will post below too. I found Michael on Twitter (@Michael1979, Sir Michael ). You must

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