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Writing prompt 2/365: The unrequited love (how do you feel when someone does not love you back?)

Pretty bloody awful, I would imagine.

Writing prompt 1/365: Outside the window

It’s exactly the right time to be writing about views outside windows, because spring is arriving soon, and the gardens are preparing a warm welcome. I have a big tree outside my window, and it loses all its leaves in the winter. That’s a blessing, because the bare branches open up a tunnel for the rising sun to light up my bed in the morning, just as it is time to get up. It is an unexpected benefit for the chills of winter, and really the only time I will enjoy direct sunlight during the day, unless I seek it out.

But, come spring, the tree is most impatient to show off its buds, and the leaves come fast. I took two photos, only days apart and you can see how fast the leaves do come.

A couple of days later, the green is def starting to show!

However! To coincide with this, the body corporate decided to prune all the big trees, and cut this one down considerably. We will have to wait and see until it is in full bloom to notice the final effect it has on the streaming sunshine.

There is another consequence of the tree, and others in my garden: all my beds are in full shade almost all the time, so it is incredibly difficult to bring in colour and the spirit of spring. It makes me quite sad, since I love planting summer full sun seedlings like petunias. But I guess I will have to settle for impatients. I plan to buy about 200 seedlings and plant them when they are tiny, and nurture them into blooms. That will probably happen in the next two weeks, unless there is more cold weather on the horizon (I certainly hope not!).

Otherwise, the birds are busy building their nests, and I can count six already on our thorn tree. The birds are such a welcome addition to our garden, and they seem to know us quite well. Last week, one came and stole a muffin off the patio table while I was sitting mere meters away, cheeky little bugger. One of my favourite things to do is to put on the sprinklers and watch them all come in for a bath. Sometimes there can as many as twenty. Unfortunately I am not much of an ornithologist so can really only name the weaver, but they all have distinct personalities, and their brazenness is definitely linked to the species.

400 words, for 365 days straight. Prompts taken from here.

Writing prompt 5/365: Deodorant

I came across this wonderful post by Elen Seidman at In it, she recounts a loooong list of things that she notices/remembers on behalf of her family, starting with “I am the one who notices that we are running low on toilet paper”. As I said, the list is long. And as a mother, and a “wife”, boy can I identify with this!

I am the one who has to remember everything that has anything to do with the house, or any of its six members. That includes schedules, supplies, needs, wants, appointments. It goes well beyond remembering to buy groceries, for instance. I also need to remember who likes which brand of ketchup, who hates which vegetable, favourite drinks for each person, as well as the preferred brand of chips. I need to remember that although Zac loves chocolate porridge, he told me last week that he wants the strawberry one next. I need to remember the one brand of garbage bags that fits my strange bin, and that a shoelace broke on Zac’s sneaker and will need to be replaced before he has a meltdown.

To be fair, both Micole and Caleigh are very good at remembering things too. Note that they are both girls. And to be fair to them, it needs to be said that Craig and Cameron are terrible at remembering things. They are both boys. I’ve discussed this with my friends, and it is clear as daylight: this one falls under gender bias pure and simple. The girls cannot trust the boys to remember squat, and the boys are happy to trust the girls to remember everything. And we each feed the monster.

I’m not complaining, though. I know that I could never “let go” and trust Craig to remember anything. I would be a basket case if I left the grocery list, the pick up schedule, the holiday plans or our social calendar in Craig’s hands. I think he would be a basket case too. We have found our groove (I tell and remind him to do things, and he does them) and it works for both of us.

Which is why everyone always had deodorant available, and we haven’t run out of toilet paper yet.

#I Rock

The writing prompts come from and they are my attempt at daily writing for 2017. Unless stated otherwise, the images are taken by me, also as a 365 day challenge.

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