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Books I’ve recently read

We’ve had a bit of loadshedding lately (this, if you are not from South Africa, is a friendly euphemism for having no power due to our power supplier being unable to meet required capacity). There are a lot of downsides to loadshedding if you are unprepared for it (no lights, no cooked food, no hot water, no Internet), but there is a positive too: you get given a block of time (2 hours in my case) during which you really cannot do very much at all. So you might as well read, guilt free. So that is what I did!

Some of the books I have read recently, that I would recommend:

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When you need a laugh, part 1

Random stuff I find online that makes me laugh. Might work for you, might not. #YMMV

Most things that “make me laugh” actually just make me chuckle. It is very rare for me to actually laugh out loud when I am on my own, but this guy had me almost rolling on the floor. Similar to the Spider guy, which I will post below too. I found Michael on Twitter (@Michael1979, Sir Michael ). You must click through to tweet to see the full joke.

Spider drawing in lieu of payment. If you haven’t read this email exchange, you are missing out! While you are on the site, check out the author’s other links. They are pretty much all funny 🙂


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