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Writing prompts help keeping the creative muscle flexed, and enforce writing discipline. Or so the theory goes. You’ll find these random posts here.

750 words of nonsense

Have you heard of the 750 word writing exercise? It was first introduced by Julia Cameron, in her book The Artist’s Way. The premise is

Writing prompt: Outside the window

It’s exactly the right time to be writing about views outside windows, because spring is arriving soon, and the gardens are preparing a warm welcome.

Writing prompt 5/365: Deodorant

I came across this wonderful post by Elen Seidman at In it, she recounts a loooong list of things that she notices/remembers on behalf

Writing prompt 1/365: Hangover

It doesn’t take much alcohol to get me drunk, or at least light headed. But it does take a lot to make me drink it

I can’t live without….

(Day 4 of Writers’ Bootcamp challenge. Read my other Writing Prompt posts here.) In my short (ha!) adult life, I have had to, at some