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I love food. Served to me. But I also have a family to feed. You’ll find various solutions to this predicament, here. Restaurants, easy-to-cook recipes, delivery options, cheats. You get the idea.

Is it time to become a wine connoisseur?

I’ve never been much of a drinker. If there ever needed to be designated driver, I’d happily take the baton. Over time, that has changed slightly, and this year specifically I have gotten into the habit of enjoying. a glass of wine with dinner. I even started drinking G&Ts, which I at first disliked immensely but grew to enjoy when people wouldn’t stop gifting them to me 🙂 Nevertheless, I know nothing about wine. Beyond the obvious “red or white”,

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The Table, Plettenberg Bay

Micole and I went for a mother-daughter night out, as we wind down the holiday and prepare to return to Pretoria. Both of us love to drive (well, ride in her case) so we decided to venture out to Plett which is about 30 minutes from Knysna, and offers far more appealing dining out and strolling options than Knysna. We settled on the first busy restaurant that we saw, which happened to be The Table (with a very quirky logo

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How we do meals in my house (or, “Why Woolies is my best friend”)

I am always on the lookout for ways to simplify my life. Usually that means I identify the bottlenecks and try and…well, unblock them. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest “Ugh!” aspects of family life for me is the whole drama that accompanies the responsibility of making sure everyone is fed. Our house lacks a natural-born cook. In fact, it lacks anyone who even remotely enjoys being in the kitchen. But we all do love to

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