It’s official. I’m a pathetic lifestyle blogger. I mean…I went to all the trouble of going to Decorex which is a lifestyle blogger’s utopia, and I took like four photos. That’s it! To be fair, I wanted to take more but…either my phone was in my bag and I was holding a coffee, or I disn’t want to bother the stall owner to ask if I could photograph their stand etc etc. Pathetic. I almost feel like going back and doing it all again.

As for the show…I really enjoyed it. My family warned me against going because it IS very tiring and my energy levels and general stamina are rather blah at present, but I was determined to do it. I hadn’t been in a long time, and I might not be able to go next year (who knows what chemo will do?) so I resolved to leave all little people behind (no moaning and whining) and went off by myself. I made sure to get there as they opened so I got good parking and no lines, and also no crowds. I was out by noon, at which point the lines (both to enter and to park) were insane and the halls were getting very busy. So my timing was perfect.

The show’s goods are very accessible, which cannot be said of all past Decorex events. I found that although there were very high end pieces, for the most part it was definitely catering to the consumer who wanted something good looking and reasonably priced. Having said that, it is not a “let’s wait for Decorex and then buy a couch on special there” kind of show, because the selection is not vast, and the specials not particularly that great. There is also a “Verimark-like” section, which is filled with booths that demonstrate products and try to sell them, and stall owners who accost you as you are walking past, which I hate.

I loved the hall with the 100% designed-in-SA goods, because we have such great talent in this country. Definitely worth two looks.

Decorex, on until Sunday 12 August. R120 per person. Gallaghar Estate.

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