My five favourite words

(This post is Day 2 of the @writersbootcmp writing challenge. Read my other Writing Prompt posts here.)

I am not a lover of words like some people that I know (you know who you are, and yes I am rolling my eyes.) But I am sure that I can come up with five that are better than most.

The first one on my list is a blatant plagarism from another participant in the Writing challenge. She was most eloquent about it, and I would love to link to her post if I only knew who she was (not a clue. Well, a small clue: she is the wife of the guy who is the lawyer who tweets a lot about the Oscar trial. So if you know her, pls let me know her blog address). Anyway, her word, and now MY favourite word is “Mommy“.

Seriously, the privilege of having that title never gets lost on me. I have a 12 year old and a 3 year old, and would like to think that I am a solid rock in each of their lives. My young one’s loud and excited “Mommy!” every day when I pick him up from school makes even the shittiest day bright.

My second favourite word is not nearly as nice. It’s “F*ck“. Or, the version I use more ofet which is “Eff”. I don’t swear a lot (and in fact despise people who do), but I do swear. And as someone once said, why use ten words when one will do? It is a most descriptive word, apt in so many conversations. Makes for a lovely adjective too. Certainly conveys my emotions succinctly and accurately on numerous occasions throughout any given week.

My third favourite word is not English but Polish. It is “Widzimisie” which roughly translates into “idiosyncrasies” (which is a lovely word too). I use widzimisie often in conversations with my sister. We speak English to each other, but because both of us are fluent in Polish, we can interject Polish words as necessary for emphasis. THe conversation usually goes something like “..and anyway, I am far too busy to put up with her widzimisie, so I sent her a clear message which told her to eff off“. See how I can kill two birds with one stone?

Fourth one isn’t English either. It’s “Schadenfreude“, which I am sure you are familiar with. It basically means “serves you effing right”. This is not a word I use often, but still, it is beautiful to have when needed.

Hmmmm. One more. One more. I will probably think of twenty as soon as I conclude this post, but the one I am going to finish off with is “Good Night“. As soon as those words have been uttered by everyone in the house, it is ME time. It’s the only time that is truly mine, to do with as I please. I can read, surf, sleep, watch TV, think, doodle, write…whatever I choose, and I get to do it uninterrupted. I love my kids, my partner and my family, but I am really, really happy to get rid of all of them at night.

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