A stolen day, spent in pyjamas

Craig took the kids to school today, which is a secret pleasure for me, because it means that – unless I have early meetings – I can start the day on my terms. This is always wonderful. Today, for example, I had a arm-long list of things I needed to do, but no need to leave the house to do them. And since my sister dropped off my kids after school, I had no reasons to get out of my pyjamas today. I call that a win, and a pretty damn good start to the weekend.

I washed every single item of dirty clothing in this house, and my housekeeper ironed it all. I feel so settled knowing that that is sorted. Dirty or un-ironed laundry is my pet peeve.

Watched an episode of Grand Tour with Zac. We watched the first episode (the one filmed in Johannesburg), and I thought it was very disappointing. It seemed so forced and scripted. I realise my opinion does not count for much, since I am hardly a petrol head, but still. Hopefully they loosened up later in the season. But Zac seemed to love it, although he was not impressed with the Aston Martin they took for a joy ride. My kid is picky.

Spent 30 minutes calling all the local bookstores to find a specific industry journal, with no success. (I bought last year’s edition from Exclusive Books). Gave up, went onto the publisher’s website, ordered it online and was promised delivery on Monday. I am a sucker for instant gratification, but imagine I had found the book in a shop…I would have had to get out of my pyjamas to go buy it! And then I would have spent the weekend reading it! Instead, I got to stay out of the retail jungle and have a guilt free weekend ahead. I don’t know why I don’t shop online more than I do.

I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all the work my team and I have to get through in the next four weeks. End -of-year is always hectic in the health cover industry, but when you try to cover the ins and out of 85 companies who all release plans in the same four week period, then it can get a bit hairy. And, true to my character, the more busy I get the more diversions I find. I shower-stumbled on an idea for a side start-up that could be a)just fun or b)the next big thing. And I so want to do it! And I want to code it myself. But I am going to focus on the real stuff. For now.

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