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A shopping day, all to myself. Didn’t buy a thing.

1. I have had the work version of cabin fever for the past week, so fooled myself into thinking I want to go to Brooklyn Mall and shop. Luckily, neither kid was interested in joining me, and Craig had errands to run so it was just me. Let’s just give you the TL;DR version: didn’t buy a thing. I think my aversion to shopping was enhanced by the Kondo philosophy of only surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy.

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A stolen day, spent in pyjamas

1. Craig took the kids to school today, which is a secret pleasure for me, because it means that – unless I have early meetings – I can start the day on my terms. This is always wonderful. Today, for example, I had a arm-long list of things I needed to do, but no need to leave the house to do them. And since my sister dropped off my kids after school, I had no reasons to get out of

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I can’t live without….

(Day 4 of Writers’ Bootcamp challenge. Read my other Writing Prompt posts here.) In my short (ha!) adult life, I have had to, at some point or another, had to live without things that most (including me) would consider essential to daily existence. Things like a car, a cellphone, a house, good health, internet connectivity etc. Granted, these deprivations were sporadic, and didn’t all happen at the same time, but they did teach me that really the only thing you

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