The Table, Plettenberg Bay

Micole and I went for a mother-daughter night out, as we wind down the holiday and prepare to return to Pretoria. Both of us love to drive (well, ride in her case) so we decided to venture out to Plett which is about 30 minutes from Knysna, and offers far more appealing dining out and strolling options than Knysna.

We settled on the first busy restaurant that we saw, which happened to be The Table (with a very quirky logo that we had noticed each time we drove down to the beach on days prior) and which also happened to be a very smart choice.

The Table, Plettenberg Bay

The food was fantastic. We chose a salad and a brie, paw paw, prosciutto and rocket pizza to share. Refreshing and divine and the garden salad was a good complement.

I faced the pizza oven from my table, which also happened to be the food dispatch point – and I can vouch that all the dishes looked top class and appetising. I would have been happy if any of them landed on my table.

This is the kind of restaurant that would be a firm favourite if it was down the road from my house. I can easily picture myself and the kids eating at least a meal a week there, getting to know the owners (very present, which makes all the difference of course), and becoming firm regulars. It’s one of those places where you know it will be consistently good, and those kind of places are surprisingly difficult to find.

The Pizza Menu

The restaurant can get very busy, has a definite family vibe to it with big tables that can seat probably 20 people (but smaller tables are obviously available). There is inside and street seating, and the service is great. The menu focuses on pizza and pasta, but there are plenty of other dishes including ostrich and lamb. It is well priced, with a pizza averaging at about R100.

I recommend this! And I’m sorry we only discovered it towards the end of our stay.

Where: 9 Main Street, Plettenberg Bay
Tel: +2744 533 3024

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