Why I’m blogging again

I have a pattern of behavior. I start a blog, I write on it for a year or so, and then I abandon it. A couple of years later, I come back,. The last time I redesigned and resurrected this site was when Covid hit. I don’t need to explain that (obviously), but let me add that I was also going through a breakup of an 11-year relationship at that time. The previous resurrection occurred when I was diagnosed with a rare, incurable lymphoma, and had to navigate my mind around that inconvenient truth. The time before…I don’t remember, actually. But I’m pretty sure that it was some other life changing moment that required clarity from me.

And so here we are. 2023. It’s been a while. A lot is going on. A lot has gone on. And here I am. Resurrecting the blog, again. But unlike the other times, I am not crawling here in shame and self-apology that another project was started and abandoned by me. No. Now I’m wiser. Now I know that shit needs sorting. I could drink, or I could write. Or, as I imagine my friend Maria would say, I could drink while I write.

Thanks for reading,
Eve Dmochowska

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