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I’m Eve, your host -51 yrs old, single mom to two kids (13yr old Zac, 22yr old Micole) and a Boston Terrier. I write this blog  and the newsletter is a weekly extension of my writing, as well as other things I’d want to share with you over coffee or drinks.

I’ll offer you a fun exploration of what it means to me to be a woman in her second (or third?) chapter. It’s an exhilarating phase, filled with so many aha! moments and flashes of wisdom that I could only have dreamt about thirty years ago. But it’s also a time of some regret, self-reflection, even past shame. So it’s a balance. I laugh, and I cry, and then I laugh some more…and then I wish I had a team of fellow women I can huddle and commiserate with.

I guess that’s what this newsletter is actually for: building connection with women I have not yet met, but who might become friends, however that works in this bits-and-bytes world we live in.

I’ll throw in links to essays and articles written by brilliant women talking about their middle-aged life, health, beauty, relationships, sex, parenting, travel, cooking (I’m a terrible cook!) and meaning. But above everything, I will explore how to find joy in the everyday and amplify the moments that make up the journey.

This newsletter has been a lifetime plus one year in the making! I wanted to start writing it before my 50th (March, last year), but got distracted (aka scared?) and life got in the way. But now I have more clarity, more determination and a lot more va va voom to make it happen. I’m excited!

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