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Ghost (1990)

Another oldie, from my regular Wednesday night date. This one surprised both of us. I was expecting a love story that would make me cry, and I suspect N. was

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American Fiction

I enjoyed this comedy-drama. The blurbs will tell you it’s about a professor (Monk) who writes a “black” novel under a pseudonym and is too embarrassed (and horrified) by its

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Project Hail Mary

A beautiful story of friendship between two unlikely souls, in a science fiction world. By the writer of The Martian. Zac (12yrs) read it too, and loved it.

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Paddington 2

Such a charming movie! I didn’t grow up with Paddington in my life, and now I’m now sorry I missed out. This is a good-feel movie that will warm your

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And Just Like That

I highly recommend both seasons. Every episode is pleasant on the eye, and deals with some sort of “chapter two” issue. It’s impossible to watch this series and not see

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The Guest List

I read another book! This one is The Guest List by Lucy Foley. ($18, Kindle). It’s kind of the modern version of Murder on the Orient Express, except this is

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