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Books I’ve recently read

We’ve had a bit of loadshedding lately (this, if you are not from South Africa, is a friendly euphemism for having no power due to our power supplier being unable to meet required capacity). There are a lot of downsides to loadshedding if you are unprepared for it (no lights, no cooked food, no hot water, no Internet), but there is a positive too: you get given a block of time (2 hours in my case) during which you really cannot do very much at all. So you might as well read, guilt free. So that is what I did!

Some of the books I have read recently, that I would recommend:

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Day 285: A quick update on Chemo Session 4

I am very late in writing this, but I do think it needs to be documented. My fourth session of chemo was postponed due to the shingles, and I only received it on 27/28 March (instead of on March 7/8). By that time my shingles had disappeared, I was/am on a preventative dosage of antivirals and my white blood cell had recovered well enough to tolerate the further poisoning of my body.

I was, of course, extremely apprehensive about this round. My sessions were not fun up to this point, and I had been in considerable discomfort in the recent past and was in no mood for more. My doctor agreed, and motivated that I be admitted overnight to hospital for the infusion so that the rituximab could be administered extra slowly. Luckily my medical aid agreed (so grateful for this great Discovery plan that I am on!) and I was booked in at about 4pm that day.

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Are blogs going to make a comeback?

Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash

I think so! (But that’s not why I’m writing on mine).

I am quite aware that as things stand, blogs are dead in the water. People much prefer the quicker and more convenient medium of Instagram. (Facebook is dying a slow death too, in my opinion).

But I think that in the next year or so, we are going to move away from social media sites that are going to encroach more and more on our privacy, and are going to take back control of what we read and when. The drive for this will be from both the content creators and the readers themselves.

Content creators are going to become increasingly frustrated with entrusting their content and sometimes even their brand to third party sites that often make more money from the content than the creator will ever see. To make it worse, hard as the creator will try to gather together an audience (subscribers, likes), the platform will continue to restrict access or distribution of content to that already won audience, unless there is payment involved.

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