Newsletter #11: Relationships

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Hi ! Welcome back. This week I am thinking (and writing) about relationships with phones, relationships with men and relationships with drugs. Also with quite a bit of soccer!


📱 My phone died a final, solid death. 😢 This phone and I have have had quite a history…I’m pretty sure it was legitimately one of the oldest iPhones in circuit. It was a 6 Plus, which many have said was the best phone Apple made. And it served me so well! While everyone around me upgraded all the way up to iPhone 15 (and spent thousands and thousands doing so!), I stuck with my trusted little brick that did everything a phone is supposed to do, and did it perfectly. (Funny story: you can evaluate your phone’s trade in value on the Apple site, and my working iPhone 6 Plus was worth a grand total of….$5 😀 #truestory).

Then, this week Apple announced its Apple Intelligence which will mostly run exclusively on new phones moving forward, and I knew that the time had finally come for the 6 and me to part ways. I was sad! And then, as if it read my thoughts and felt betrayed, my phone just went to sleep, quietly, all on its own and never woke up. I miss it! Now I have to wait until September for the new Apple phones to be released, so I am working on a back up Android and I’ll be honest…it too does what a phone is supposed to do 🤷‍♀️ . I’ll probably be cursing when I hand over the $$$ for the new iPhone 16, but such is life.

Also, the unexpected phone demise meant that I lost most of the things I save in my camera roll for this newsletter, so this will be a brief one! Sorry.

Counting Goals

⚽️ The Eurocup has started, which either means something to you or it does not. 🤣 . For my family, it’s a Big Thing. We sit in front of the TV and pretend to watch the entire soccer tournament, although to be honest we are quite distracted with our diversions (last World Cup I knitted a scarf), and then we get very excited (or not) whenever there is a goal.

We have an extended family competition to predict the correct score for all the games, using a global app (Superbru) to track the accuracy of our predictions. Each of us predicts the score of the upcoming game, and if we’re correct (or close) we accumulate points. At the end of the tournament, person with most points in the family wins.

We started playing it in the last World Cup, and then lo and behold…Zac was told that he was in the top 5% predictors in the world. I even forked over some money for a certificate and everything, lol.

This is a preview of my #12 Newsletter. You can view the full one here (it’s free), and subscribe below. The newsletter archive with all past editions is here.

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