Author: Eve Dmochowska

50yr mother of two. Huge procrastinator. Million ideas, few hours. Needs constant reminding that thinking of doing something is not the same as actually doing it. Co-existing with a super-rare lymphoma (and winning!) . Winning at life in general, actually.

I finished watching The West Wing

I finished watching The West Wing this morning, and of course I am devastated. The characters are brilliant, the dialog is snappy (typical Alan Sorkin style) and the story line just the right amount of captivating without being overly dramatic. And, if anything, it gives an introduction to American politics

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About us

About Eve My full name is Eve Dmochowska. I was born in Poland, and emigrated with my parents and my sister via Austria to South Africa in early 1980s. Two weeks before my matric exams I left SA to attend a private American high school, on a full scholarship. I

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Project Hail Mary

A beautiful story of friendship between two unlikely souls, in a science fiction world. By the writer of The Martian. Zac (12yrs) read it too, and loved it.

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Paddington 2

Such a charming movie! I didn’t grow up with Paddington in my life, and now I’m now sorry I missed out. This is a good-feel movie that will warm your heart and leave you smiling. And don’t think this is just for kids: I watched it on my weekly movie-date

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West Wing (all the seasons!)

I don’t know why it took me until 2023 to watch this series. It hits all the right notes: brilliant cast, sharp writing in true Aaron Sorkin style, and just the right balance of humor. I’m on season 6 at the time of writing this, and although it’s losing steam

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And Just Like That

I highly recommend both seasons. Every episode is pleasant on the eye, and deals with some sort of “chapter two” issue. It’s impossible to watch this series and not see a bit of yourself and your friends in the characters. New York is enticing as ever, the fashion both outrageous

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Spring is
in the air – finally!

The weather is changing, and we are starting to do more “stuff”. Zac’s soccer match was cancelled, which freed up his Saturday morning for a tennis match against his uncle. I think this is the first real game he’s played outside of his weekly squad meet and 1-on-1 coaching. He

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The best life-hack: morning pages

My morning page ritual is an essential part of my self-care. But it’s also a brilliant business hack, too. I get clarity on strategy, what I should be working on, how I should tackle work problems and identify issues I didn’t realise I was already thinking about.

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