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If there is no other obvious category for a post, it will most likely end up here. It’s all about Eve after all, is it not ? :-)

Spring is
in the air – finally!

The weather is changing, and we are starting to do more “stuff”. Zac’s soccer match was cancelled, which freed up his Saturday morning for a tennis match against his uncle. I think this is the first real game he’s played outside of his weekly squad meet and 1-on-1 coaching. He loved it, and he was surprisingly good. Could have something to do with his new racquet which is more suitable to his style than the previous one. (Funny side story:

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What does your perfect life look like? Do you even know?

Here’s something I learnt this year: you need to have a very well defined goal if you are ever going to achieve it. It sounds trite, but it’s true. Neuroscience says you need to get into the nitty gritty of the specifics, so you can visualise the goal, and fool the brain into thinking that it’s already a reality. After that, the chips fall into place. We actually aren’t too bad about setting short term goals. Achieve a specific weight,

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The best life-hack: morning pages

My morning page ritual is an essential part of my self-care. But it’s also a brilliant business hack, too. I get clarity on strategy, what I should be working on, how I should tackle work problems and identify issues I didn’t realise I was already thinking about.

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Karma – aka, Revenge is Best Served Cold

It’s very difficult to watch horrible, unfair, selfish people get ahead. Even just to watch them carry on with their lives, with no repercussions, as if the havoc they leave in their trail can be brushed under the carpet and never be acknowledged by them, is difficult. On a personal level, I luckily don’t see or experience this often. I can think of maybe two people who have crossed my path and have done me wrong, but I wouldn’t go

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Hello 2021!

I feel as if I spent the whole of 2020 writing about 2020, and so I am not going to do that again. We all know what we know. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t do the other cliched thing, and ponder on my hopes and dreams for 2021. I honestly cannot remember when last any long term plan of mine went according to any reasonable expectation – and I am not making the same mistake again. I am

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50k words in November? Bring it on! (maybe?)

You know, on the one hand I am really happy and proud that I have stuck to this blog, and although I might not post as frequently as I would like to, at least I DO do :-). On the other hand, this is hardly the blog that I wanted to create when I launched it. I wanted something upbeat, and fun, filled with stories of travel, and stories people that I have met, and restaurants I have discovered, and

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Cutting ties

I have a feeling that when I look back at 2020, that the one thing that will identify the year for me (aside from the obvious!) is that this is the year that I learnt to “let go”. Cut ties. Set things loose. And by things I mean things and people. I have cut a lot of people out of my life during the last 6 months, and I am so much better for it. But I have also gotten

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Why did Covid happen to YOU?

I was thinking about the impact Covid has had on my life. At first look, it’s an even balance of the positive and the negative, and there has certainly been a fair share of each. But if I had to choose, I would have to selfishly say that the pandemic – and specifically the lockdown – came at just the perfect time for me, and it was a heaven-sent gift. I don’t just mean that I needed the slowed down

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Oh sure, 2020. Let’s fuck around with everything a bit more. Let’s turn me into a walking cliche. Tonight I find out, via a gentle message in my inbox, that my ex shacked up with someone half my age (and his) while we were still together. And so a family was destroyed. One that I fought so hard to keep. But you can’t compete with youth, I guess. Especially if you don’t know what you are up against, because the

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