Spring is
in the air – finally!

The weather is changing, and we are starting to do more “stuff”. Zac’s soccer match was cancelled, which freed up his Saturday morning for a tennis match against his uncle. I think this is the first real game he’s played outside of his weekly squad meet and 1-on-1 coaching. He loved it, and he was surprisingly good. Could have something to do with his new racquet which is more suitable to his style than the previous one. (Funny side story: Zac told me in a very serious “I’ve thought about this” voice that you need to be a top 100 tennis player worldwide if you hope to make any money out of it. I jokingly asked him if that was his plan to which he solemnly replied “Think so”. He wasn’t joking. Oh, to have the confidence of youth! Between his tennis aspirations and YouTuber dreams, this kid might not need a college fund?)

Took the kids out for a scoop of the best ice cream in town, at Aroma. Sorry, no photos. But it was Strawberry Cream for him, and Turkish Delight for her. Then came home and made real strawberries and cream. I like mine blitzed in the NutriBullet, with lots of cream and lots of sugar. I threw in some fresh blueberries, and also ate them by the handful.

Spent the afternoon fixing up this blog, and went down Twitter rabbit holes.


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