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So, how will I remember the 2010s?

We all seem to be in a very reflective mood, now that we have kissed a decade goodbye, and I have certainly spent my share of time thinking about the past 10 years, and what lessons I take away from them. For me, it really boils down to four things: my relationship with Craig, my kids, my health and my work. Everything else of significance falls under one of those headings. And most important, there are no regrets – just

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Is it too late to reflect on 2018?

I think not! Overall, I really enjoyed my 2018. Yes, of course there were some quite severe downs (cancer, death), but overall there were no serious setbacks. I learnt a lot of tough lessons, learnt that I was strong and resilient, worked on my priorities, and did what mattered most. Let’s reflect on the main events and lessons: We lost Zaider. Craig’s father passed away in April. That was obviously a very sad time, and one that brought on a

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