Is it too late to reflect on 2018?

by Eve D.

I think not!

Overall, I really enjoyed my 2018. Yes, of course there were some quite severe downs (cancer, death), but overall there were no serious setbacks. I learnt a lot of tough lessons, learnt that I was strong and resilient, worked on my priorities, and did what mattered most.

Let’s reflect on the main events and lessons:

  • We lost Zaider. Craig’s father passed away in April. That was obviously a very sad time, and one that brought on a n opportunity for refection.
  • I severed a partnership, and thus also a friendship. This was a tough one. I had been getting gut feelings that things were not right for some time, and tried to ignore them. But I also prepared myself for the worst. When the rug was pulled out from under me, I remained standing. Very proud of how I handled all that.
  • I was diagnosed with cancer. Oh well. Gotta make it work. There were other health issues too, all sorted?
  • We got a puppy! We love our little Lisa, and can’t remember that there was ever a time that this pup was not in our house!
  • The kids flourished. Do I need to ask for more than that?
  • Craig and I celebrated 9 years together. Going strong, babes!
  • We enjoyed the World Cup!
  • We ate well!
  • I started this blog!


  • We didn’t do nearly enough “stuff”. I think it is because of my health issues. I was always tired, and not eager to get out the house for trips. I definitely intend to change that in 2019, and am planning an awesome July experience. Fingers crossed.
  • I didn’t read enough. Again, I think it was a lack of concentration due to health issues. Will rectify!
  • I dropped the ball at work more than I care to think about. Once again, health.


  • Spend as little time on social media as possible. I mean this one. I’ve already deleted Facebook off my phone, and it has saved me hours per week. I would rather put that time into this blog.
  • Work on this blog. At this stage, I am writing here but am very quiet about it. Once I know that I can maintain a regular posting schedule, I am going to try and “get it out there”. I much prefer this medium to Facebook or other apps.
  • Read more. This goes for me as well as fr my kids. I got an hour watch-glass (egg-timer) for Christmas from Micole, and we are going to use it for one hour communal reading time, on the couches, for the whole family every day. We meant to do it last year but…we didn’t. The benefits will be amazing for everybody.
  • Write more. I say this every year. Maybe in 2019 I am actually going to do it?
  • Cook one good meal a day. As for the rest, work out a good plan. (I think I have managed this already, and it deserves its own post which I will hopefully write soon).
  • Stay away from politics as much as is responsible. This applies to the US, SA and UK specifically.
  • Achieve all my Vitality Reward goals. As soon as I get the app to work!
  • Turn my business into a multi-million dollar success. There, I said it.
  • Go back to public speaking. Maybe. Will think about it.
  • Maintain my priorities. That’s kids and Craig. Work can wait.
  • Look after myself. By being kind to myself.

(May 2020 update: Oh God. Another hurts-to-read post. I had big plans for 2019, but nothing outrageous. I am glad to see that I prioritized kids and Craig, makes me feel less guilty about the outcome. We were still clearly making plans for a long future. Five months later that would all be shattered – guess we weren’t as “Going Strong!” as I thought… What is good to see today is that even without Craig, the other pillars remain standing. And I’m still being kind to myself.)

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