So, how will I remember the 2010s?

We all seem to be in a very reflective mood, now that we have kissed a decade goodbye, and I have certainly spent my share of time thinking about the past 10 years, and what lessons I take away from them. For me, it really boils down to four things: my relationship with Craig, my kids, my health and my work. Everything else of significance falls under one of those headings. And most important, there are no regrets – just good lessons!  

1. The relationship

Craig. If we are counting years and decades, then we have to start with my relationship with Craig, which started on exactly the 31 December 2009. So it was “our decade”.

I suspect, given that we are ten thousand miles apart even as I write this, that as the decade exits, so will Craig . Luckily, we are not aiming vases at each other, or dragging ourselves through court or throwing each other in prison for made-up charges (all true from Craig’s ex-es, not mine!). Nope, we are friends with our own kind of benefits!

And I have not a moment of regret, and in fact I have a great feeling of accomplishment in that I helped him manoeuvre in and out of a very tough period of his life, and he returned the favour when it was my turn.

Maybe we have fulfilled our purpose for each other? Hmmm….

2.The kids!

Zac and Micole (and Lisa!). This is especially the decade of Zac!

He came into our lives in 2011 and has been a pure joy from the start. He’s one of those benefits hinted at above! I am grateful for him, and for Micole, every single day. I honestly think my happy kids are my greatest accomplishment. Can’t wait to see them grow and mature over the next 10 years.

Oh, and here is an obligatory shot of Lisa:

This pup entered our lives and stole all our hearts. And she knows it!


Waldenstrom’s. Ugh, this yucky thing probably entered my life in 2010, but I didn’t know it until 2018. So the last ten years or so have been an up-and-down battle of at first just not feeling well, all the way to chemo. 

It hasn’t been a particularly fun ride, but it hasn’t been the pits either. As my doctor said… ”If you’re going to have to have a cancer, have this one.” I think I am over the accepting-and-learning curve and am now entering the phase of smart management, and am hopeful for a smooth ride.

4. Work

Work. If I have to be (brutally) honest, I fail myself on this score. There are plenty of excuses, some of them even good ones (see point 3 above), but at the end of the day I just didn’t accomplish as much as I could have or should have, given my very strong career position at the beginning of the decade. 

I am not going to harp too much on that, and am not going to live in regret or in the past. And it’s not as if I am living under the bridge, so once again it is important to keep things in perspective.

I can be cavalier about this anyway, because the ‘20s are gearing up to be a freaking rocket ride to stardom 🙂

And so…

So, dear 2010s: let me bid goodbye to you the Marie Kondo way. I will hug you one last time, I will reflect on our life together, I will thank you for the lessons taught and the joy brought, but I will let you go to make space for better things. Much love and respect, but please close the door behind you.

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

Eve D.
46yo mother of two. Serial entrepreneur. Huge procrastinator. Million ideas, few hours. Needs constant reminding that thinking of doing something is not the same as actually doing it. Co-existing with a super-rare lymphoma (and winning!) . Winning at life in general, actually.

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