West Wing (all the seasons!)

I don’t know why it took me until 2023 to watch this series. It hits all the right notes: brilliant cast, sharp writing in true Aaron Sorkin style, and just the right balance of humor. I’m on season 6 at the time of writing this, and although it’s losing steam slowly (one more season to go), this is a series I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys an intelligent script.

One unexpected advantage of watching this series 20-odd years after it was shot is that it quickly becomes clear how history does in fact repeat itself. The political issues they deal with in the series are exactly the political issues we deal with now: Israel, Gaza, Middle East, Congress not passing budgets, lame-duck President, split houses etc etc. Even a Covid-like issue makes an appearance!

Big thumbs up from me.

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I’ve started a newsletter

I will be the first one to say that there are too many newsletters in the world. My inbox is filled with emails, and I ignore most of them. Still, I am in love with the idea of writing directly to people who voluntarily signed up to receive my musings, and so … here we go: I’ve added another newsletter to the world.

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