It starts with Us (done)

I don’t think I need to say much about this – you’ve either read the two Colleen Hoover books in this series, or you never will. I’ve read both (the first one is “It ends with us”), and I loved them. I was utterly captivated by the love story and its characters. But I am not sure why. I read rom coms when I get overwhelmed with life and want a quick, mindless read that puts me in a world of happy endings so I am not new to the genre. But these books are…different? They really are captivating, and I am not surprised that she has made such a killing with her writing.
(Fun fact: did you know that it was Tik Tok that made her famous? She had published “It ends with us” years ago, and it just never caught on. But when TikTok discovered it, her popularity exploded. And it was really Tik Tok requests (demands?) that made her write this sequel. She thanks the TikTokkers in the acknoweldgments 🙂 )

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Join me in my musings and adventures as I live and love my second (and best!) chapter, together with my 2 kids and beloved dog! ❤️

Sneakers (2)

Friday night, no kids

Went for a fun dinner with five other adults, who all must have thought I was mad because I spent half the dinner telling them about all the Kate conspiracy theories. Divine food! (Truffles in the Park, Johannesburg).

In love with Ken

Let’s not kid…in love with Ryan Gosling. His Oscar “I’m just Ken” performance is my new “Tom Holland’s Umbrella”…in other words, every time it comes across my timeline I pause whatever I’m doing and I watch it.

Fun in the sun

So apparently you can be a “too-cool-for-school” teenager, and still enjoy the bejezus out of a water slide and some liquid soap 🙂 Honestly, it’s good to see that kids can still be kids.


It was Zac’s first time, and although he had a lot of fun I think it was probably also his last 🙂 “Pain not worth it”, he says. Maybe we’ll revisit when he’s a bit older?