And Just Like That

I highly recommend both seasons. Every episode is pleasant on the eye, and deals with some sort of “chapter two” issue. It’s impossible to watch this series and not see a bit of yourself and your friends in the characters.

New York is enticing as ever, the fashion both outrageous and aspirational, and the friendships stand the test of time. It’s encouraging to see the characters evolve as they age, both in looks, attitude and spunk, and there are lessons to be learnt for all of us “chapter 2” ladies.

Caveat: I did not appreciate the Miranda story line, and was annoyed by it. For a series that gets so many things right, it’s astonishing that they got the chemistry of her and her partner so wrong. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t last forever.

Join me in my musings and adventures as I live and love my second (and best!) chapter, together with my 2 kids and beloved dog! ❤️


The best life-hack: morning pages

My morning page ritual is an essential part of my self-care. But it’s also a brilliant business hack, too. I get clarity on strategy, what I should be working on, how I should tackle work problems and identify issues I didn’t realise I was already thinking about.

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