Hello 2021!


I feel as if I spent the whole of 2020 writing about 2020, and so I am not going to do that again. We all know what we know. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t do the other cliched thing, and ponder on my hopes and dreams for 2021. I honestly cannot remember when last any long term plan of mine went according to any reasonable expectation – and I am not making the same mistake again. I am not setting down plans and goals and timelines and ultimatums…I am going with the flow. I know the general direction of where I want to go, but I am no longer going to be prescriptive about how I am going to get there. I’ll just enjoy the journey.

Some things are more in my control than others. So yes, I will read more and play more, and laugh more and appreciate more. I will avoid toxicity and negativity, let go of resentments and open up to all the good that’s coming my way. Certainly, if it all works out according to plan (and by plan I mean VACCINES!), 2021 will be the year my family and I try to squash two years into one. We’ll celebrate merrier, explore often, advance faster. We’ll try to not lose sight of lessons learnt, while setting new dreams and ambitions. We won’t take much for granted, and will continue to apply gratitude daily. If we come out the other side intact, having laughed louder, travelled wider, and with new friends by our side, then then it will have been a good year.

And I won’t ask for more than that.


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I’ve started a newsletter

I will be the first one to say that there are too many newsletters in the world. My inbox is filled with emails, and I ignore most of them. Still, I am in love with the idea of writing directly to people who voluntarily signed up to receive my musings, and so … here we go: I’ve added another newsletter to the world.

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Sneakers (2)

Rare day out

Honestly, it’s near impossible to get this child to find some free time to spend with us. And then to get her to pose for a photo! Miracle of miracles.

Catching the rays

It’s hardly winter, but the air is getting crispier and cooler, and so Lisa looks for any ray of sunlight …and then hogs it. I’m just here to take the photos!

A Mother’s Day treat

Took myself out for a custard slice and a whipped cream cappuccino. Kids were at home, so had some peace and quiet. A win-win!

Another notebook

Maybe one day I will have enough notebooks, but to day is not the day. Isn’t this one gorgeous? It also has a glossy finish, which makes it even better. And its a blank. Perfection!