A much needed evening with a “table for one”…

I took myself on a date-for-one. I didn’t get dressed up or anything. I didn’t even realise it was a date until I was half way through my spaghetti ala something or other. But when I looked around and saw lots of fairy lights hanging above all the tables-for-2, noticed the bustling chatter of an early Saturday night, and looked at the empty chair across from me, I realised that this is definitely a solo date. I had no regrets.

I sat by my lonesome self, and tried to figure out if this person I was on the date with is a person I like. Or rather, maybe it’s more accurate to say I was trying to figure out where the Eve that I liked was. She seems a bit absent lately.

It’s good to take time out just for me. I’m not oblivious to the fact that it’s very healthy to be able to sit alone on a Saturday night in a restaurant, and not feel embarrassed. (I also prefer to go to movies alone). The time alone gave me an opportunity to review my current life, see what I am winning at, and what needs attention – and I got to do that while I was served superb food (bonus: no clean up required).

These days it’s difficult enough to find time and circumstance that allows me to grab a coffee by myself, so the night out was a welcome treat. I’d like to make it a regular feature, if possible. Sneakers or heels? This time round it was sneakers, but next time I might be more adventurous.

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