Karma – aka, Revenge is Best Served Cold

by Eve D.

It’s very difficult to watch horrible, unfair, selfish people get ahead. Even just to watch them carry on with their lives, with no repercussions, as if the havoc they leave in their trail can be brushed under the carpet and never be acknowledged by them, is difficult. On a personal level, I luckily don’t see or experience this often. I can think of maybe two people who have crossed my path and have done me wrong, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I hope they rot in hell. That’s because I recognise that thinking such thoughts, or plotting their demise is a serious waste of my energy. It’s counterproductive, and will never achieve the satisfactory result that I would wish. Rather, I have chosen to just wait and watch. Sit back. Karma catches up, in the end. Always.

But this philosophy has been difficult to remember when it comes to Trump. I consider him a vile, cruel, horrible human being who never seems to pay for the harm that he causes. T, the psychologist, tells me that that is what happens with narcissists, and people who lack EQ: they are just incapable of experiencing the effect they have because their ability to feel others’ emotions is lacking. That’s difficult to accept for me, because if they can’t feel the pain, then how will they…, well, hurt?


Something, somehow, will make them pay a price for their actions and behaviour. Always.

Also, everyone has an Achilles Heel. For Trump, it is his ego. Even as he continues to consider himself the greatest, and the bestest, and the smartest he will not be able to ignore or deny how he is remembered by history. I read somewhere recently that in future history books, whenever the name “Trump” will appear for the first time in a text, it will usually be followed by “..the only president to have been impeached twice…”. That will make him cringe (already there are reports of his falling apart in his last hours at the White House), and that gives me joy. It took a tragedy, an unprecedented attack on the American democracy, served in the very last moments of his presidency, but it did happen. Patience.

And then, as a cherry on top, karma will hopefully continue to do its quiet, slow work, and he will start to be indicted, and pursued by the various law-enforcing bodies that are waiting in the sidelines for 20th January. I don’t anticipate many moments of happiness in his near future.

So, patience. Don’t force things. Don’t give up on the idea that good will prevail. It might take time, it might not be straightest, quickest road, but in the end….karma is a bitch.

The quote below is from a recent opinion piece from the Washington Post. The fact that Trump gets to read these types of pieces, over and over wherever he turns, gives me a smile and a quiet sigh of satisfaction.

“Trump is not just a loser, but a world-historical loser, the epitome of loser-dom, the loser by which all other losers will be measured.

That’s not justice, not for the hundreds of thousands who died because he bundled the corona virus pandemic, not for the children he ripped from parents’ arms at the border, not for the country he made so much coarser and crueler and more corrupt and divided. But at least we will know that he knows what he has become and always will be. At a moment when there isn’t much solace to be found, it’s something

“…at a moment when there isn’t much solace to be found, it’s something…”.
I’ll take it.

Eve Dmochowska

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