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Mother’s Day, 2020

May 10, 2020:
Today was Mother’s Day in South Africa. My kids definitely delivered! Micole made me cupcakes (that flopped!! ha ha) and drew me a cute picture of three giraffes. Each giraffe represents one of us, and is coloured in our individual favourite colours. The fact that she drew giraffes at all is an inside-joke: I yell “Giraffe!” as an answer to a “quiz” question before I even hear the question. I’ll do this at least once per quiz 🙂 So, for example, if we are playing Pictionary and Zac is about to draw a picture that I am supposed to guess, I will shout “Giraffe!” before he even starts. It’s silly, but it’s ours. And now I have an artwork to go with my little quirk.

Zac wrote me a card. I found it so sweet. He said

“I love you very much becasue of all the things you do for me, like giving me shelter, giving me food, helping me do work and even buying the most awesome gifts ever. I know there is a virus out there but love and pride will always defeat a virus”

“Love and pride will always defeat a virus” !!! ??? Where does he get this stuff from?! The things that go on in that little head of his!

Actually, I think the virus is on his mind more than he lets on. He knows I am at great risk, and I have been in a situation (last November) where I was very sick due to an infection, and was hospitalised for 8 days. It was dire, and I think he picked up on a lot of that. Suddenly, there was no parent in the house! And he is very much a numbers-guy, so he tracks the new case loads and deaths around the world daily. Plus he is super sensitive on the best of days, so this can’t be easy for him.

We also decided to go to a nursery to buy some plants for the garden. Another one of South Africa’s little idiosyncrasies: we cannot exercise outdoors after 9am, but we are more than welcome to take the family plant shopping at any time! I bought 4 plants, and will probably dig them in tomorrow. That should be fun. The garden is looking VERY drab.

Other than that, a quiet day spent with the kids. Worked a bit on finishing up on this blog re-design, and will continue to fiddle throughout the week. Tomorrow is Monday, which means I should get cracking at work, but most likely I will not do more than just think about work. Which, let’s face it, could be a very good use of my time.

Day rate: 8/10
Mood: Relaxed
Productivity:: n/a
Health: 9/10 (fingers starting to go blue)

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