A coffee shop in my backyard

May 17, 2020
It’s been exactly a week since I did a “recap” post, which should give you a good idea of the pace of life bang in the middle of #lockdown. Honestly, nothing much very exciting happening. But let’s see:

A Parisian coffee shop in my backyard

I really do have the sweetest kids. I was telling them how much I miss hanging out in coffee shops, and how my work is suffering for it (I do my best thinking in organised-chaos environments, and busy coffee shops see me 2-3 times a day during normal life). So you know what my kids did? They created a coffee shop in my backyard. And they even found “Coffeeshop background noise” which they played on their phone. It was so cute and touching. Love them to bits.








We had a complex braai!

No, really! We are a tiny complex of 6 houses, and we threw ourselves a boerewors braai on Friday night. I wish I had photos, but I guess the less evidence the better! We were super safe, of course, and it really is easy to keep a 2m distance when you are sitting down on chairs in your communal driveway. One of the neighbours even brought TWO bottles of wine! It was like Christmas!

And as an added bonus, we got to know each other well. We’ve had a huge turnover in the complex in the past 6 months (four out of six new residents) so we all caught up and it turns out we are ALL great people, and we are not going to give each other any shit, ever. #blessing, because trust me, it was not always like this!

A friend had a horrific break-in

You know the drill, you’ve heard it before. Five men broke in, tied up the mother and the two young boys, and ransacked the house. They were well informed, knew exactly what they wanted. You also know what I am going to say next: thank god nobody was physically hurt in any way. I woke up to this news on Saturday morning, and it a) scared me once again b) horrified me for my friend and her precious kids c) made me feel helpless. It’s at times like this I want to take Craig and throw him against a wall for leaving me alone here with two kids and fcking off to the UK. Deep breaths, Eve.

Lockdown life

More of the same. Keeping a low profile, staying home as much as I can. Cooked two new meals (I even took photos so I will blog that soon!). Did some gardening. Cleaned the house…it’s a never-ending job. But with each round of cleaning/clearing I throw out/donate stuff, and purge, purge, purge. The philosophy now is “Do I want to keep this random thing so much that I’d be willing to cart it half way around the world with me?” The answer is usually “No!”

Work is okay, but could be better. I am not as focused as I should be, although I am definitely improving. It’s a bit tough adjusting to being stuck in the same 4 walls for 24 hours, 7 days a week. I am working much later in the night though, which is my most productive time now. This translates into waking up late. This schedule really works for me, and it will be tough to re-adjust when (if?) schools go back to normal.

E-commerce was opened up fully last week (Thursday) and we were given the hope of a possible move to level 3 by the end of the month, but who knows? I see that we’ve just reported 1,160 cases which is a huge jump and the first time we crossed the 1,000 mark. I actually don’t know what to think anymore. (I should add that we only has 3 deaths today).

Stay safe,

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