I am toying with a new addition to this blog. Vignettes. To be honest, there was a fleeting moment when I thought that the book that I want to write should be so titled, and should be a collection of exactly that: vignettes, probably slightly auto-biographical, independent but woven together by a loose thread of belonging to someone’s life.

The idea is borne from a will to write down small episodes, either real or imagined, with not too much explanation or setup. Just something that happened. Or something that could have happened. Or something that never happened, for better or for worse. The ambiguity is important, because then the reader (you) does not know if this is real or imagined and the writer (me) does not have to worry about privacy, or TMI (too much information). And the daydreams can take life.

It’s all one big fantasy, let’s agree on that.

Confused? Let me start with an example. For the rest, they will appear under “Vignettes” in the navigation bar, not on the home page. Maybe I will fit them into the sidebar somewhere. The point is that they are afterthoughts. Actually, that’s not a bad example to start with:

Afterthought: a vignette

Her: He didn’t forget my birthday. It was worse: he remembered, but just didn’t care. It was my 40th. It was a big deal. But only to me.
Him: I didn’t forget. We went out to dinner.
Her: We went out to dinner. But you didn’t book. There were no available tables. It was Thursday, the busiest night at restaurants. We went from restaurant to restaurant, until a maitre’d took pity on me, and found us a table, for two. At the back.
Psychologist: You are an afterthought to him.
Her: Yes

This might work. Find other Vignettes here.

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