The pup is home!

Well, I’m a little bit late to this, since the pup has in fact been home for over a week. (She was due to come this past Monday, but then that got pushed forward by the breeder to Saturday, and then on the Thursday I got a phone call that I can come and fetch if I want. Which I did!)

She is extremely cute. I’ve wanted a Boston Terrier ever since I baby-sat one when I spent some time at Martha’s Vineyard. That dog was the smartest and most awesome dog I had ever had, and I vowed to get one of my own. Also, her name was Mona. So this pup’s name is Lisa. Get it? (Thanks to my sister for the inspiration!)

The family LOVES her, especially the kids. But Craig’s heart also melts whenever he plays with her. As does mine. She’s exactly what we needed to round of our little family. #Love

(But jeez! Puppies are hard work!)

Always sleeping!



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I’ve started a newsletter

I will be the first one to say that there are too many newsletters in the world. My inbox is filled with emails, and I ignore most of them. Still, I am in love with the idea of writing directly to people who voluntarily signed up to receive my musings, and so … here we go: I’ve added another newsletter to the world.

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Sneakers (2)

Rare day out

Honestly, it’s near impossible to get this child to find some free time to spend with us. And then to get her to pose for a photo! Miracle of miracles.

Catching the rays

It’s hardly winter, but the air is getting crispier and cooler, and so Lisa looks for any ray of sunlight …and then hogs it. I’m just here to take the photos!

A Mother’s Day treat

Took myself out for a custard slice and a whipped cream cappuccino. Kids were at home, so had some peace and quiet. A win-win!

Another notebook

Maybe one day I will have enough notebooks, but to day is not the day. Isn’t this one gorgeous? It also has a glossy finish, which makes it even better. And its a blank. Perfection!