We just got a puppy!

I grew up surrounded by animals (cats, dogs, fish, tortoises, birds) but for various reasons have never gotten a pet as an adult. The kids have always begged for one, and we always said no. Craig is allergic to cats anyway.

But two weeks ago, on the day of my first oncologist appointment, I just got this flash-thought that I needed to get a dog, urgently. I also knew exactly what type of dog it would be: a Boston terrier. I had an amazing opportunity to baby sit one in Martha’s Vineyard one fall (it belonged to the landlord, who was at work the whole day) and I absolutely fell in love with that mutt. Also, Boston Terrier happens to be the mascot of my Alma Mater, Boston University.

So I ran the idea past Craig, who at first balked at the responsibility of looking after a dog and a sick me, but then realised that a dog is probably exactly what we all need right now to distract us from all the trauma. So he actually insisted that we get one, which was fine by me. (As an a side, he really has been amazing throughout this whole ordeal, and is my rock. So important to have someone you know will not abandon you, and whom you can lean on and trust. Lots of love to him!)

It turns out that Boston terriers are tough to find, especially if you are looking for a female. I kept on googling every couple of hours for two weeks, because once those ads go up you have to call immediately (no listed breeders had puppies available, so I had to wait for an ad to appear on Gumtree). And then, the day I got out of the hospital after the laparoscopy, a litter was advertised, and we got ourselves a dog!

I think her name is Lisa. She’s only coming home in three weeks, ad we can’t wait!

(May 2020 update: So we are still very much in love with Lisa. She has been a gem. Also, it was a bit sad to read that part about Craig. We lost our way shortly after this post was written. I am not sure how. It was probably all a bit much for him. He broke up with me two days after my last chemo session was scheduled, May 2019. Moved out 6 months later. It’s been a slow recovery, from the cancer, and the break up. Like I said, sad. We’re still friends.)

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