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50yr mother of two. Huge procrastinator. Million ideas, few hours. Needs constant reminding that thinking of doing something is not the same as actually doing it. Co-existing with a super-rare lymphoma (and winning!) . Winning at life in general, actually.

Day 285: A quick update on Chemo Session 4

I am very late in writing this, but I do think it needs to be documented. My fourth session of chemo was postponed due to the shingles, and I only received it on 27/28 March (instead of on March 7/8). By that time my shingles had disappeared, I was/am on

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Day 244: That time I got …shingles!

Spoiler alert: I have shingles. !!!!!! So, in the last week of February, I moved house. It was a very easy move, since I had purged what seemed like half my house during a very intense KonMari period, and I had excellent movers to assist. I can honestly say I

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Day 211: Third round of chemo

After the last disastrous round of chemo, I was very apprehensive about doing round three. I was actually quite petrified. I walked into my oncologists office with two goals: to ask for any meds available to make the day easier and to see if I could shorten the chemo from

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Is it too late to reflect on 2018?

I think not! Overall, I really enjoyed my 2018. Yes, of course there were some quite severe downs (cancer, death), but overall there were no serious setbacks. I learnt a lot of tough lessons, learnt that I was strong and resilient, worked on my priorities, and did what mattered most.

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Day 184: Second round of chemo. Not fun.

(Note: This is a boring, technical post about my chemo. It is written only for the benefit of others who might be anticipating the same treatment, or who are receiving the treatment and want to compare notes. If you are not a WM sufferer, you probably want to move on

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Merry Christmas to all!

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! We were certainly hoping to spend it in a winter wonderland this year, but chemo treatment had other ideas so we need to shelve those plans for this year. In the meantime, we are having as much festive time as

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Day 154: First day of chemo

The long road of treatment started with my first round of chemo on Wednesday and Thursday. It wasn’t nearly as bad as some expected, but it wasn’t a walk in the park either. First of all, as you can tell from the title of this post, I waited quite some

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Let’s leave the weekend out of it

I have a delusion that has been biting me in my butt for as long as I can remember: I continually fool myself into believing that “this weekend” is going to be productive. So I will go through the week putting things off “until the weekend”, and then when the

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The pup is home!

Well, I’m a little bit late to this, since the pup has in fact been home for over a week. (She was due to come this past Monday, but then that got pushed forward by the breeder to Saturday, and then on the Thursday I got a phone call that

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