Broken: a vignette

She couldn’t believe that she had wet her bed. At her age? No! In her condition? Well, maybe not that unexpected. Worse things had certainly happened. She got up slowly, changed her underwear and bottoms. Then realised…something wasn’t right. She was, of course, highly sensitive to smell, but now she couldn’t smell much. She sniffed her pyjamas. Nothing. An uncomfortable thought started to chime in her head. She went back to her room, opened up the computer. Googled medical signs. Semi-confirmed her fears. Picked up her car keys to drive herself to the hospital, but left the semi-packed bag behind. Denial. She did take the camcorder though. Just in case. After all, he’ll only be born once, even if five weeks early. Cheeky brat.

(This is a vignette. I explain them here.)

Eve Dmochowska

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